"The Construction Tech Scene in Norway is Thriving"

by Ida S March 7th, 2023

In November Tendro were mentioned alonside several impressiv and interessting tech companies. As CDO of Skanska put it:

"The construction industry is known for being a laggard when it comes to digitalization, the industry is now picking up the pace.

Something co-founder and CEO Ida highly relates to, and also the very reason why Tendro was founded back in 2021.

Just like the innovation agenda in the financial services industry was lit ablaze by the rise of fintech, the startup scene is once again shaping the innovation agenda in an incumbent industry."

The Tendro promises to be a challenger for digitalization of Norwegian construction industy in 2023.

Illustration of Norwegian digitalization field: https://hernaes.com/2022/11/23/the-construction-tech-scene-in-norway-is-thriving/

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