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Tendro Change

The worlds easiest tool for change orders in contract management

Gather all of your change orders in one place


We belive that an agile devevelopment is what makes ut able to adapt and swiftly respond to changing market requierments, making our software development flexible and aligned with evolving user needs

We belive that staying curious is the key to developing a revolutionary product, that solves more than just one problem and challenges the industry standard.

We belive that beeing bold is what makes us able to tackle the biggest painpoints in the market, as well as making us dare to develop groundbraking technology

Our people

Tendro was founded in Trondheim in November 2022 by Ida and Ingrid, and has since grown to consist of 8 people with a passion for innovation and technology.

We have domain knowledge in the construction industry, industrial economics, psychology, economics, and business development.


Making the world a better place through constructing elegant hierarchies.


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