Our story

Tendro started as a startup from NTNU School of Entrepreneurship, developing procurment support tools for the construction industry. Our product has a great potential reducing the total cost, by eliminating unnecessary processes such as formating conversion and in-prosess communications. The concept has been developed since February 2022, and we are currently working on several pilot projects.

Tendro was born out of Ida's frustrating experience as a newly qualified civil engineer facing slow and manual tendering processes. With a passion for driving digital transformation in the industry, the idea of having her own startup was born. In partnership with Ingrid, they formed a team during their studies at NTNU's School of Entrepreneurship. Later, they welcomed Thomas, a skilled computer scientist from Spain, to complete their core team.

Tendro is a technology company that specializes in developing innovative software for managing tender and contract processes in construction, and beyond - in the medical, shipping, and automotive industries. With a deep commitment to simplifying everyday processes, Tendro is driven by the latest technology trends. Our vision is to be the go-to choice in tendering processes across industries.

We strive to redefine the standard of executing procurments.


The Tendro Team


Ida Elise

Chief Executive Officer


M.Sc Business Development

M.Sc Civil Engineering



Chief Technical Officer


B.Sc Computer Science



Chief Market Officer


M.Sc Business Development

B.Sc Psychology



B.Sc Computer Science

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